Museum Hours

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Exhibits come in all shapes and sizes, especially at the DEA Museum. Whether you’re touring the Museum, online, or in a different city, engage and discover new stories and objects about the science and history of drugs and drug laws, use and prevention, law enforcement, and how you can be an Agent of Change.


On-Site Exhibits

The Museum’s all-new, innovative learning environment boasts over 40 hands-on activity stations, 180 artifacts, a multi-purpose education room, and a redesigned Wall of Honor that salutes DEA’s fallen heroes with beautiful artwork in a serene, interactive setting. 

Online Exhibits

Dive deeper into the science and history of drug use, misuse, and law enforcement anywhere, anytime, with the Museum’s online exhibits. Meet past personalities in federal law enforcement or trudge through the jungles of South America to identify coca plants. The resources and expertise of DEA are at your fingertips.

Traveling Exhibit

The DEA Museum invites partnerships with museums, science centers, and other like-minded organizations to bring DEA's expertise to new places. Host a traveling exhibit that builds community coalitions and supports drug education and prevention efforts in cities across the country.