Collection Spotlight

No matter how big or small, every artifact tells a story. While only a fraction of the objects and images in the Museum's collection, these eye-catching artifacts capture significant moments in the history of drugs and drug law enforcement.

A green bottle that once contained Vin Mariani, a coca wine.

Vin Mariani Bottle

A green glass bottle that once contained Vin Mariani, a French wine infused with coca leaves.

A wooden Thai village model

Thai Village Model

Seven hundred grams of heroin were secreted into the bottom of this wooden Thai village.

Red and Green Tablet Press

Tablet Press

A mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight.

Poppy Scrapper

Poppy Scrapper

A poppy scraper used by farmers to score and drain raw opium from poppy pods.

The life mask of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar Life Mask

The life mask of notorious drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, a deceased leader of the Medellín Cartel.

A green and cream-colored ceramic opium pillow.

Opium Pillow

A ceramic headrest used by people who smoked opium.

Opium Packing Stamp

Opium Packing Stamp

An opium packing stamp used to mark packages of opium processed by a refinery in Afghanistan.

Morphine syrette

Morphine Syrette

A morphine syrette originally packaged in the medical kit of a World War II soldier.

Metal I Beam

Metal I Beam

A hollow metal I beam that unsuccessfully concealed cocaine from law enforcement officers.

A skeletal Santa Muerte statue

La Santa Muerte Statue

A spiritual icon found among members of the Gulf, Sinaloa, and Juarez drug cartels.