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Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Museum Collection

A picture of the first DEA training class. Green platform shoes. Programs on drug smuggling. With more than 5,000 objects, 40,000 photographs, and an online video archive, the Museum’s collection brings the history of drug law enforcement to life.


Collection Spotlight

No matter how big or small, every artifact tells a story. While only a fraction of the objects and images in the Museum's collection, these eye-catching artifacts capture significant moments in the history of drugs and drug law enforcement.

Explore the Collection

From hundred-year-old medicine bottles to a seized Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the Museum’s collection is a trove of artifacts and images that chronicle DEA’s past and the history of drug use in the United States. Click here to examine notable artifacts and more.

video archive

The Museum hosts a variety of programs and events that captivate domestic and international audiences. Artifact talks, memorials, and interviews with special guests are only some of the videos you can explore in this interactive archive.

Stories from the Collection: Opium Pillow

In this episode of “Stories from the Collection,” the DEA Museum spotlights an opium pillow: a ceramic headrest used by people who smoked opium, an addictive drug.

Stories from the Collection: Jesús Malverde Statue

In this episode of “Stories from the Collection,” the DEA Museum explores the legendary tale of Jesús Malverde, a Mexican folk saint.

Illegal Drugs and the Environment

An expert panel discussion on DEA’s efforts to stop the environmental impacts of illegal drug production.