American Crisis: Fentanyl and Fake Pills

Fentanyl and fake pills are driving a drug crisis unlike any experienced before. Last year, DEA seized enough fentanyl to kill every American. In this panel discussion, the DEA Museum presents to the public a conversation about fentanyl and fake pills in the American mainstream.

Joining us on this educational program are DEA’s Chief of Operations Raymond Donovan, Senior Forensic Chemist Emily Lockhart, and Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Special Operations Division, Donald Im. Their professional expertise helps us understand where the crisis came from, what the science of fentanyl and fake pills is, what is being done to mitigate the crisis, and more.

The DEA Museum team also presents a “behind the scenes” video on the history of pills in American medicine featuring never before seen artifacts! A short Q&A follows the speaking portion of the program. This program complements DEA’s One Pill Can Kill campaign. Go to to learn more.