Who We Are and What We Do: Professional and Technical Support

Take a peek into the inner workings of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the Museum’s 2019 lecture series “Who We Are and What We Do.”Elizabeth L. Maurer, Curator of Education for the DEA Museum, moderates a panel discussion with members of DEA Professional and Administrative Support: Dana Weiser, Financial Systems Section Unit Chief; Bruce Hill, Investigative Technology Specialist; Eric Hergenroeder, Senior Attorney.

DEA is comprised of various jobs going beyond Operations, Intelligence, Diversion, and Forensics. There are many more jobs behind the scenes requiring a vast diversity of skill sets. In this panel discussion, we will be featuring individuals from Finance, Congressional & Public Affairs, Special Technologies, and Chief Counsel. These team members work side by side to ensure that DEA runs smoothly and effectively in its mission to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States. DEA’s administrative and support personnel perform functions and operations that are the backbone to the goal of combating domestic and global drug trafficking. Professional and Technical Support staff responsibilities range from planning and executing financial programs to analyzing the legal implications in policy decisions to community outreach and much more.