Collection Spotlight

No matter how big or small, every artifact tells a story. While only a fraction of the objects and images in the Museum's collection, these eye-catching artifacts capture significant moments in the history of drugs and drug law enforcement.

Morphine syrette

Morphine Syrette

A morphine syrette originally packaged in the medical kit of a World War II soldier.

Metal I Beam

Metal I Beam

A hollow metal I beam that unsuccessfully concealed cocaine from law enforcement officers.

A skeletal Santa Muerte statue

La Santa Muerte Statue

A spiritual icon found among members of the Gulf, Sinaloa, and Juarez drug cartels.

A glass bottle of pills labeled "La Grippe."

La Grippe Bottle

An early 20th-century pill bottle used to treat “la grippe,” or the flu.

A taxidermy fish with a slit in its side.

Koi Fish

A koi fish used to smuggle heroin into the United States.

A painted statue of Jesús Malverde sitting in a chair.

Jesús Malverde Statue

A statue of Jesús Malverde, a Mexican folk saint.

Homer Simpson Bong

Homer Simpson Bong

A Homer Simpson-themed bong used to smoke tobacco or marijuana.

Heroin Bottle

Heroin Bottle

An amber glass bottle that once contained heroin marketed and sold as a pain reliver and cough suppressant by Bayer & Co.

Green platform shoes

Green Platform Shoes

A DEA special agent wore these shoes during an undercover investigation of a cocaine ring in the 1970s.

A gold and diamond grill on a dental mold.

Gold and Diamond Grill

A custom-made decorative mouthpiece seized by DEA agents using asset forfeiture.