Video Archive

The Museum hosts a variety of programs and events that captivate domestic and international audiences. Artifact talks, memorials, and interviews with special guests are only some of the videos you can explore in this interactive archive.

Opioids and Heroin: A New Look at Some Old (And Not So Old) Drugs

Four experts on the opioid crisis and increased heroin use in the United States present data on both drugs.

Designer Drugs: A New Look at Some Old (And Not So Old) Drugs

Panelists discuss new medical applications for commonly misused designer drugs.

A New Look at Old and Not So Old Drugs: A 2018 Update on Cocaine

With Cocaine on the comeback trail, four researchers provide updates on this re-emerging issue.

A New Look at Old and Not So Old Drugs: A 2017 Update on Marijuana Research

With Marijuana in the news–both with state-level legalization efforts and research on its effects on the body and brain–four renowned international researchers provide updates on these issues.

Why We Fight: Perspectives on the History of Drug Law Enforcement

Retired DEA Special Agent Jeff Stamm provides his perspectives on the nation’s current global efforts to control the use and trafficking of illegal drugs.

The Heroin Epidemic: Then and Now—Lessons Learned

Former DEA Administrator Peter Bensinger and former National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Robert DuPont, M.D., outline the steps taken during the late 1970s to reduce the supply of heroin in the United States.

Opiate Misuse, Overdose, and Addiction: Causes and Solutions

Three doctors discuss the growing national concern of opiate misuse.

DEA Forensics Labs: Then and Now

Museum Director Sean Fearns visits DEA’s Special Testing Laboratory and finds out how DEA forensic science has evolved from its beginnings many years ago, to the current cutting-edge science and technology it uses today.

Operation Tiger Trap: The Rise and Fall of Khun Sa and the Drug Trade in Southeast Asia

Retired DEA Country Attaché John Whalen discusses narcotics trafficker Khun Sa and DEA’s Operation Tiger Trap.

A Look Behind the Curtain: The History of DEA’s Special Operations Division

A panel of four discuss the history of DEA’s Special Operations Division.